Friday, February 20, 2009

CHEESE anyone??

The other night the boys were playing together and Kasper was totally CHEEZIN every time we said hi to him. He totally looked like a little old man...It was so funny! I tried to capture a little of it on video but didn't get very much.So I put a few pictures up too. (Don't mind his nasty cough...and the fact that he is 5 feet up on a bunk bed...Bobby was right there to catch him I swear)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get on with it and on to VALENTINES DAY!

OK...I am over trying to fill everyone on the past and I am just going to pick up where we are now....

SO we are still here in Alpine and still loving it.'s too cold....and i'm ready for spring, or lets make it summer please...

The boys are doing great, Champ is loving preschool and hanging out with friends whenever possible. Kasper is almost 8 months and is trying so hard to follow his brother's every move already. It's so cute! 

 We had a pretty simple Valentines day. Bobby's birthday was a couple days before so we celebrated friday night. We went to dinner and then shopping to get the boys a little valentines gift. Bobby totally spoiled me (like always) and got me a bunch of cute stuff from a little boutique that I love! It was fun. I am so lucky to have been able to spend a wonderful day with my favorite boys! 

here are the Champ and Kasper on Valentines morning so excited to see their gifts!