Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For memorial day this year we totally surprised the boys and took them to a day out with Thomas. Champ has basically been obsessed with Thomas the train for about 3 years now and we have never gone. So we thought that it was about time! It was so much fun! They both loved it! I was lame and forgot to charge my camera so I didn't get a TON of pictures but at least I got a couple of good ones. 

Preschool graduation

Champ had a wonderful year at Bear Country school. LOVED learning, loved the friends he made, and loved his great teacher Miss Gretel. 

End of the year preschool picnic

It's summer time! Champ had an end of the year school picnic with his cute little class. They had a blast playing games, doing crafts, roasting mallows and hotdogs, and hanging out with buddies. Champ loved that Grandma and Grandpa got to be his special guests too! 

Oh my little Champaronie...

A few weeks ago I was going through some of Champs old clothes to see if Kasper could fit into any of them.  I pulled out a pair of overalls that Champ loved when he was little and said, "these look like they will fit Kasper." Champ jumped and ran over to them saying,"But mommy! Those are my super special overalls that I love so so much! They are mine!" I laughed and tried to explain to him that there is NO way they would still fit him, that he is 4 and that these are for babies. However, he insisted on trying them on to prove me wrong. And what happened???? TA DA! They still fit!! I could not believe it and could not stop laughing! My little Champie. 

So, a couple months ago I got upset with Champ for something that I can't even remember. However, it was a big enough deal that he was grounded from the TV or any movies for the day. He didn't throw a fit, but instead talked is dad into helping him make a new cardboard box TV. He drew pictures on in and even made a remote. He placed it right next to our regular TV and "watched" it for HOURS people! He is so funny and stubborn. I love it!