Friday, April 24, 2009

My little artist

Champ is really getting good at drawing pictures...these are a couple of pictures he drew the other day. This is a picture of himself....his shirt said TEXAS on it..he was reading it upside down. 

This is a picture of me and Champ watching Kasper play in his crib...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Who knew 4 year olds could be so FRUSTRATED?!

While at Costco today, I swear I almost ran into like 5 people. I totally didn't realize it would be so crowded with all of the kids home from spring break. There were kids EVERYWHERE.... they were leaping out in front of me all over and I almost just hit one on purpose because I swear he ran in front of me to be funny. Those carts at Costco are HUGE and hard to navigate normally, and even more so when you are dodging millions of children! Needless to say, by the time we were walking out to the car I was so annoyed that I said to Champ, "You wanna know what really FRUSTRATES me? When people don't watch where they are going!!" Then he looked up at me with the cutest wide eyes and said, "Well you wanna know what frustrates me mom? When Kasper tries to mess up my train tracks that I make." I was totally caught off guard a little that he actually got what I was talking about and was contributing to the conversation! I couldn't be annoyed anymore, I just told him that it's okay to be frustrated sometimes, but that we need to do our best to be happy and stay positive. 

Well I thought that that would of been the end of that conversation. Boy was I wrong. The whole 20 minute ride home he proceeded to let me know of all the things that frustrate him. (he stated these things off without any pause in between...he didn't have to even THINK about them. I am not kidding!)

Things that frustrate CHAMP: (These are the ones I can remember)
1. When Kasper pulls my hair
2. When a friend at school calls me small
3. When I have to go to the bathroom when I am playing
4. When mom is not patient with me (I swear he said that)
5. When I can't find Thomas (the train)
6. When I can't play with my friends
7. When I have to be in a booster seat cause I am 4 now
6. When people forget I am 4 now (it's only been 2 weeks!)
7. When mom has to wash my blankie
8. When mom washes my hair
9. When Kasper hits me
10. When I have to listen to mom's girlie music and not dad's rock n roll! 

I couldn't believe that he was so frustrated about so many things, he really never complains. I guess it was good for him to let it out. The funny thing is, was that all of those things are real complaints that would frustrate me too! He amazes me sometimes. I love him so much and am so lucky that he is my little buddy. Things are never boring with Champ around. He always has something to talk about! :) 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Champ Is 4!!

Our little Champ is not so little anymore. He turned 4 on the 5th. We started off the birthday celebration by getting his pictures taken, then headed to the kids museum. Both he and Kasper had a BLAST!! Once the kids were worn out we went home for a pizza party and watched one of his new Thomas movies. It was the perfect family day! 

The next day we had a little birthday party for him. Bobby was so cute and decorated everything, picked out presents, and got the cake and ice cream. What a great daddy! Then finally on sunday (his actual birthday) we went to my Grandma's house for another little party. Her and Champ share birthdays so most of the family was there to celebrate. It was fun to see everyone. Happy Birthday Grandma and Champ!!