Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I might just be a slacker...

I really don't know what my problem is. I go through phases where I try to keep up on my posts..and then I will go like 7 months with....NOTHING. Well I am back once again to give it a shot. A LOT has happened from my last post..here is the fast/short version. (and a major picture OVERLOAD!)
Bobby turned 31, his wonderful Mother Betty came to visit us from Texas for a little over a week. We love our Nana Betty. It was so fun having her around. March- I turned 26, we had a GREAT Easter and my sister Randi and her sweet little boys came for a visit. It's fun with 5 grandboys! April- Champ turned 5 and we said goodbye to beautiful Alpine, and moved up North to Layton. We really love it!! (Having his party with some friends at Kangaroo zoo!) (taking cupcakes to school)
I got a really fun opportunity and was asked to be a judge at a dance competition with my friend Tasha in vegas! So we took our hubbies and made a weekend out of it! It was a blast!
Included the most wonderful summer activities!! Here is a recap of just SOME of the summer fun we had! It was a GREAT summer! (I think my favorite with the kids so far!)

There were showers, and girls nights...
Weddings... Fun in the sun.... Lots of trips to the park... Birthday parties... Trips to the duck pond..Four wheeling... Camping... Fishing...Yard work... Drive-ins..... Summer concerts.... Bike rides and off roading... Boondocks.... Golfing... Farmers markets.. Rodeos... And we ended the summer with an AMAZING trip to Lake Powell! It really was a perfect summer. I am sad to see it end but look forward to the fun fall festivities.


Julie and Kyle said...

great post! love all the pics. lets get together one of these days.

Randi said...

I'm working on my update right now too. I like the way you did it... easy to follow. love all the pictures! we miss you guys!